Clinical Focus

Orchard Health Care members will meet and enjoy working with the experienced and highly competent office staff who assist Dr. Kanner and Dr. Sobel in their clinical practice.

All staff work to assure that the clinical information and administrative arrangements that Dr. Kanner or Dr. Sobel and the member need for effective health care are accessible or accomplished in a fashion that is both timely and convenient to the member. The main staff members include:

Clinical Support
Jean Geller, BA, RN has worked with Dr. Kanner for over 21 years. She is a broadly experienced nurse who interviews and briefly examines each patient before the visit, checking that all clinical information is organized and complete. She has been joined by Pat Potenza, RN. They initially handle incoming clinical phone calls from members, with Dr. Kanner and Dr. Sobel readily available for consultation or to take over the phone call personally. They help the physicians contact specialists, hospitalists, visiting nurses, and patients at home for follow-up concerns. They are reached by

Administrative Support
Office manager Tuyet Tran and practice assistant Angela Visoni together arrange everything that needs to be done for a member. They greet the member on arrival, schedule follow-ups and arrange referral and test appointments. They send out correspondence and remind members of appointments, by phone, letter, and e-mail ( If there is a problem with an insurance or laboratory bill, they help solve it so the member doesn’t drown in paperwork.

Membership Office Support
Diane Sellew is the Orchard Health Care bookkeeper. She works weekly at the membership office in Lincoln to initiate and maintain membership billing, update credit card information, send requested receipts to members, and so forth. She can be reached by e-mail at or a message can be left for her at the membership office phone, (781) 259-0222.

Member Benefits
  • Longer and flexible appointments
  • Easy access by phone or e-mail
  • Same-day urgent care
  • Home visits
  • Veteran office staff
  • Small-group seminars, e.g., weight control
  • Access to Dr. Kanner’s online commentary on current medical news and issues

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