Clinical Focus

Membership in Orchard Health Care provides substantial, specific benefits that promote the member’s long-term well-being. Dr. Kanner and Dr. Sobel know that this practice format, with a limited number of adult patients, enable them to do a measurably better job for each member. Dr. Kanner changed to this paid membership model a decade ago after 27 years of respected standard practice. Dr. Sobel joins him in July after 15 years of standard practice.

More Time
The pivotal change is more time, for your physician and for you. Face-to-face time with the patient is crucial to achieving the clinical focus on wellness:

Better Communications
Effective remote communication time, in addition to office visits, immensely improves illness care and provides security to patient and doctor:

Better Focused Education
Personal and web-based education opportunities inform members on medical issues and problems:

Closer Inpatient and Specialist Supervision
Serious medical problems often require substantive involvement of medical or surgical specialists, and may result in hospitalization. To assure that your care is well organized, not just by you, Dr. Kanner and Dr. Sobel will:

Administrative Assistance
Experienced office staff help patients through the medical thicket and simplify member’s needs for:

Member Benefits
  • Longer and flexible appointments
  • Easy access by phone or e-mail
  • Same-day urgent care
  • Home visits
  • Veteran office staff
  • Small-group seminars, e.g., weight control
  • Access to Dr. Kanner’s online commentary on current medical news and issues

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